About us

we are a small, powerful team of experts who make their experiences available to make them even more successful.

It's often the small things that make ones life easier...

Our performance for your benefit

We see ourselves as a consultant and service provider who takes over processes or sub-processes in out-tasking or out-sourcing in order to relieve your internal resources. Our focus here is in the field of telecommunications, mobile communications and fixed networks. Our own history as an employee at the network operator enables us to take a 360-degree view here. We know both sides of the business very well and bring that experience to the table. We automate processes on our side and "dock" to your transfer points and to the corresponding TEM platforms so that the service can be processed reliably, quickly and transparently. Like a typical Swiss army knife that you always like to have with you when it matters.

From advice to strategy to daily business, we serve from a single source. Areas that we do not have in our core competence, we cover together with our partner network.

Unsere Historie

Since our founding in December 2010, we have continuously expanded our profile. As a former long-term employee of a well-known network operator for fixed and mobile networks, we understand the business and have learned it from the ground up. Whether medium-sized, public authority, large or corporate customer, over time we have gained extensive experience with the different segments. We have gradually developed from what was originally pure advice to a managed service provider. Since we have never limited ourselves exclusively to a single solution or a single provider, we have now been able to get to know most of the relevant and internationally successful TEM and MDM solutions and have been able to gain relevant insights through tenders and daily operations. Out Task AG has been in the hands of the founders since the beginning and is therefore independent. 

We see ourselves as a partner, not as a supplier !

We are always a part of your team whether
customer or partner - hand in hand together we can overcome challenges.

The founders and owners

With more than 25 years of experience in the field of telecommunications, consulting and service, we can certainly support you with your requirements and help you to reduce your telecommunications costs.  

Heike Diebold

COO / Director Operations

Uwe Winnwa

CEO / Managing Director

Out Task AG principle

We are consultants and service providers in the best interests of the customer. Neutral towards suppliers and manufacturers and 100% loyal to our customers.

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